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Joblinx is a Brisbane based Internship Placement and Career Progression Specialist.

Since 2008 Joblinx has been providing clients with employment support, Work Experience / internship opportunities and offering training and workshops to enhance their career development and employment prospects.

Joblinx assists students to gain work experience, part time and graduate employment and provides access to a full range of training programs to facilitate the development of skills needed for success in a global workplace. Our specialist team of recruitment and training professionals provide these exclusive services FREE to all enrolled students.


What our clients have to say:


Sumit Bansal

Sumit Bansal "Moving to Australia was a big step for me and it was not long before I realised that to get into the Australian job market, a degree would not be enough. I approached Joblinx and I [...]


Nhi Trinh (Jennifer)

Nhi Trinh (Jennifer) "I was commencing my second last trimester and I was struggling to find an opportunity to gain work experience in Brisbane’s Tourism and Hospitality industry. I know that experience is one of the most crucial [...]

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