Project Description

Yumeng Liu (Maggie)

“I am so happy that Joblinx helped me to get work experience at Europcar, Brisbane Airport .

This opportunity pushed me forward to utilise my strengths, skills and the knowledge I have learnt through my MBA studies.

When I walked into Joblinx on the very first day, I lacked confidence in my abilities and work experience. My consultant gave me a lot of hope and courage to get work experience and assisted me to update my professional CV.

Europcar is a car rental company that operates in Australia and many other countries. I am glad and honoured to have been given an opportunity to complete an internship in this company.

My work experience program consisted of car rental service and customer service and car check. As an international student this was a great chance to get the feel of working in a foreign country, the international and cross cultural exposure is remarkably significant.

I am really enjoying working at Europcar, it allows me to understand work culture and ethics, build good relationship with colleagues and improv my communication skills. This would not have been possible without the help and support that I received from Joblinx. Therefore, I would highly recommend that every student step into Joblinx to enrich and improve and develop themselves.”