Project Description


“It’s not even 2 months since I arrived in Brisbane and I have completed 4 weeks of my work experience program at Asana Restaurant – F&B department. That is how fast Joblinx helped me.

The Tourism and Hospitality industry has always been my choice for a career, but I did not know where to start. Although I completed my bachelor’s degree in the same industry, I did not have any Australian work experience in the industry. I knew this was important so I decided to talked to Joblinx.  I spoke to an employment consultant and she explained that I should start from the very bottom if I want to make a successful career. Since then, she has been very helpful.

From the time I walked into Joblinx, till today, the staff have been very nice and friendly. The staff there never forgot to check on me to see what is going on and keep me updated.

Within weeks, I was offered this great opportunity to work in an amazing restaurant where I can work to gain local experience. I really enjoy working at Asana, the restaurant of the famous Australian chef Pete Evans.  The staff are very helpful and I am currently learning a lot about how things work. I get to meet new people every day at the restaurant and so far it has been a wonderful experience which honestly I cannot express with words.

I walked into Joblinx looking for a casual job which will help me enough to get myself through rent and living. But instead, they helped me start my career. This is amazing!! I have literally started living my dream!!! All thanks to Joblinx…! Talking to Joblinx is one of the best decisions I have made so far. I would never think twice to recommend them to someone else.”