Project Description


“My experience with Joblinx has been nothing short of amazing. I must say it was more than what I expected. The preparation was excellent, efficient and smooth. 

Joblinx was very supportive and professional when providing me with employment assistance. I was actually impressed with the pre-interview sessions with the Student Recruitment Officer who has been assisting me since my first Joblinx enquiry. I believe it is partly why the Internship is going great.

Joblinx assisted me by finding me a 3 month internship opportunity in the Accounting department at Komatsu, a reputable international corporation that manufactures construction and mining equipment.

Throughout the process Joblinx provided me with preparation sessions both face to face and via phone. This process was highly beneficial as I was able to build my confidence and polish on my presentation and interview answering skills.

So far the internship program is going very well. The feedback I have received is very encouraging in that I have been able to accomplish so much in such a short time. This experience is priceless. I have learnt the different communication techniques that my manager and his assistants use; they are different yet complimenting each other. One skill in particular that I learnt was email mannerism.

The team at Joblinx are so diligent in giving the students adequate information to make the experience successful. I would absolutely refer other students to Joblinx, despite me having over 10 years working experience across many areas, this moment is pivotal for me as it defines which area I choose to specialise in or become an expert in for the next stage of my professional career. It adds value to the qualifications I attain. It gives confidence to any employer that I am capable and able to perform any tasks within my line of duty. It also gives credibility to the Australian education system that students get the best of both academic and work life. I am very blessed and honoured to have this opportunity and it’s a great opportunity for me to encourage others to do the same.”