Project Description


“Coming from Sri Lanka to Australia to do my Masters was a challenging experience. However, within exactly three months of my arrival to Brisbane, I have been employed as a Food & Beverage Attendant by one of Brisbane’s most reputable hotel chains – The Four Points by Sheraton.

I believe this shows you the quality of Joblinx and how focused they are towards our careers.

Hailing from a country rich in the hospitality industry to studying my masters in both business administration and in tourism and hospitality motivated me to pursue a focused career. Without thinking twice I went straight to Joblinx, reading through their profiles, success stories, and career-oriented counseling programs, I knew this was exactly what I needed.

I spoke to a very helpful employment counsellor about my career focus and lack of work experience in Australia, and she advised me that if you want to have a successful career in Australia, you need to start from the very bottom. Since the very first day I met her, until today, she has been very helpful. I found the staff at Joblinx professional with their approach towards my career and development. The staff always checked on me from time to time and always kept me updated.

In less than a week of meeting my career consultant, I was offered this great opportunity to work for a five star hotel where I can gain local experience and a taste of high-end hospitality. Working at The Four Points by Sheraton has been an absolute ball, the staff are very welcoming and every day I learn something new but the best aspect of my job is that I get to meet new people every day. Walking into Joblinx looking for a casual job to pay off my living expenses turned out to be a career starter for me, all thanks to Joblinx. Joblinx is a serious decision everyone should consider to make your dream careers come true, trust me you won’t regret it!”