Project Description


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and  hard work.” Colin Power

“These words by Colin Powell should be the motto of every student chasing their dreams. It was a week since I arrived in Brisbane when I decided to visit Joblinx to talk to them about employment opportunities.

Joblinx helped me understand the work culture and the requirements which the employers seek. 

After taking a look at my resume and considering my past experience they put forward my resume to Gamer PTY. LTD. and after a round of interviews I was selected for the post of Web Developer in a  work experience training program . This took place even before my classes could commence which clearly displays the level of support Joblinx has to offer for every student.

Since this was my first job in a foreign land I was excited to learn and understand the work ethics. I have been handling Gamer’s website and making cosmetic changes to it as and when required. The most important concept I learnt over here was to understand how challenging it is to sustain a website from cyber-attacks and the security measures taken to prevent it.

Not long after I secured a casual paid role as a web developer. I would urge everyone to visit Joblinx and take a look at the opportunities they have to offer for each one of us.”