Project Description

“Moving to a new country full of unknown people embarks a new journey of your life – a new phase and a new beginning, if at that time you are able to find a good mentor, I believe that is the icing on the cake.

Joblinx gave direction to my life when I first came to Brisbane, and due to the continuous efforts of Joblinx, I was able to get on the right track which will surely lead me towards the ladder of success.

Joblinx helped me in gaining an internship at a reputable organisation in Brisbane which is like a dream come true for me, cheers to Joblinx who has given wings to my dreams and has shown me the pathway to a prosperous future.

I owe this achievement to Joblinx whose conscious efforts have pushed me to overcome my weakness and stand out, ultimately giving meaning to my life.

For my all peers I would suggest you visit Joblinx to identify your true potential and start your new life with ample opportunities to excel in your career.”