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About Joblinx

Joblinx is a privately owned recruitment agency co-located at James Cook University Brisbane & Sarina Russo Institute Campus.  Joblinx is part of the Sarina Russo Group, one of Australia's largest and most successful providers of employment and training services.

Joblinx exists exclusively to assist students from the Russo Education Group  (James Cook University Brisbane and Sarina Russo Institute) to gain work experience, part time and graduate employment as well as provide a full range of training programs to equip students with all they need to succeed in a global workplace. Our specialised team of recruitment and training professionals at Joblinx provides these exclusive services FREE to all enrolled students.

We also provide a free recruitment service to employers.  This includes advertising on campus; pre-screening students against selection criteria; referral, right through to setting up appointments and post employment support and follow up.

For more information, please contact:


Room 701, Level 7
349 Queen St
Brisbane 4000
Tel: 3001 7815


Career Counsellor

Michaela Rusnac

Tel: 07 3001 7855
Mob: 0467 764 329


Student Placement Consultant

Juliana Neves Braga

Tel: 07 3001 7829

Mob: 0457 798 367


Manager - Joblinx

Leanna Tucker
Tel: 07 3001 7854